Popcorn Sales - 2019

Popcorn sales have started!  We are selling Trails-End popcorn again this year and the popular Tins are back too!

It's popcorn selling season again. Popcorn is the primary fundraising activity for the Pack. We use the money to fund our program activities, awards and materials. The Pack receives 33% of all sales that it makes. Additionally, 33% of all sales goes to our Michigan Crossroads Council to support scouting within Michigan.

Please Note: this page will be updated as additional information becomes available.

Our Pack 345 Popcorn Kernel is Stephanie Serafine.  Any questions about the program can be directed to stephtaylorserafini@gmail.com

All scouts in the pack are expected to participate in selling popcorn. Council recommends each scout set an individual sales goal of at least $500. The Pack's sales goal for this year is $12,000.

There are several ways the cub scout can sell popcorn: Show and sell, Door-to-door, and Take order.

See the calendar at the bottom of this page 
for the selling schedule.

If a scout will not be participating in popcorn sales, we offer a buyout of $150 which is due at the September Pack meeting along with Pack dues.

  • Popcorn sales run through mid-October, ending on the night of our pack Bonfire.
  • Online sales (sell.trails-end.com) can be made year round.
See the calendar at the bottom of this page 
for the selling schedule.

Sales Incentives

Trails End National Prize Program
  • Fourteen levels of prizes. Cool items to choose from - see the Trails End prize sheet at the bottom of this page for details.
Council Popcorn Rewards
  • Fill-It-Up Prize Drawing: Fill one complete form and receive an Extreme Glider. 

  • $750 Sales Club: Any scout that sells $750 worth of popcorn will receive a Daisy Buck BB Gun or a Hexbug Spider Robot.
  • $1,000 Sales Club: Scouts selling $1,000 or more earn one (1) ticket of your choice of several great special events.  Every $500 above the $1,000 receives another one (1) ticket free ticket.  Watch www.MichiganScouting.org for more information.
See the Trails End prize sheet at the bottom of this page for details on these rewards.

Pack 345 Rewards
  • The Den that has the highest average sales per scout will receive an ice cream party served up by the Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster and Committee Chair.
  • The top three sellers in the Pack will receive gift cards.
  • The top show and sell seller for each week's sales will receive a gift card.
  • The top show and sell Tiger will win a special gift.
  • The Pack's sales goal for this year is $12,000. If we reach the goal, we will have a pack pizza party in December along with our annual Swim Party at the Hartland High School aquatic center.

Three ways to Sell

1) Take Order Sales

Take order sales are sales made by the scout using the popcorn order form (See bottom of this page). These sales can be made by going door-to-door, over the phone, or to friends, neighbors and parent's co-workers. Orders are taken and entered on the order form. Payment can be made at the time of order or when the popcorn is delivered. The popcorn is delivered to the customer by the scout in late November.
  • Order forms are available at the council office or from the Pack Popcorn Kernel.
  • Each completed form can be photocopied and sent to the Council office to be entered in the Fill-A-Form drawing.
2) Show and Sell
These sales can be made door-to-door or in front of a business. Payment and delivery of the popcorn is made on the spot. This works best with 2-3 scouts working as a team.
  • We have arrangements with specific businesses to sell at.
  • We can sell at 7-Eleven anytime on Saturdays and certain weekday evenings. (we are sharing this space with the Boy Scout Troop).
  • See the calendar at the bottom of the page for details.
  • Contact the Popcorn Kernel to sign up for a shift.
  • Interested in selling door-to-door in your neighborhood, contact the Kernel to arrange getting the popcorn.
  • All scouts are expected to participate at least twice in Show and Sell sales.
3) Online Sales
Trails End has an online sales program that all scouts can participate in.
  • Online sales can be made year round.
  • All sales made online between August 1 and October 31 will count toward the scouts sales prize total for this season.
  • The products available online are different than those being sold via the take order form.
  • All scouts are required to set up a new account this year.

To set up your scouts online account:

  1. Go to www.trails-end.com.
  2. Click on "Scouts"
  3. Click on "Sign in or Register"
  4. Click on "Create an account" in the upper right corner and select "Scout."
  5. Fill in the appropriate information.
    When it asks for Council/Pack info, use the following:
    Council = Southern Shores
    District = Three Fires
    Pack = 3345 Mason Lodge
  6. Click "Create Account"

After creating the account, you will receive an email asking you to confirm the information. You will not be allowed to sign into the account until you provide this confirmation.

This calendar lists the specific dates and locations we have arranged to sell for show-and-sell sales. Click on a specific date to see if someone has already signed up. Contact the Popcorn Kernel to sign up for a shift.