Youth Protection Training

All registered adult volunteers are required to take the Youth Protection Training (YPT). BSA also encourages all scout parents to complete Youth Protection Training. Information is available on the BSA website. Youth Protection Training must be completed every two years to remain current.

All our leaders must be YPT trained in order for the Pack to be re-chartered.

Online Training

Youth Protection training is available online at You will need to set up an account. A BSA member ID is not required to set up an account and is also not required to take YPT. New registered adult leaders receive their member ID number when their application is approved and will then need to log in and add their member ID to their account.

All training courses for Cub Scout Leaders is now available online at:

Courses include:

  • Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training
  • Youth Protection
  • Fast Start
  • This Is Scouting

What makes a trained leader?

This chart lists by position the training needed to be considered trained. Download Chart.

Three Fire's Cub Scout Training

Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader. Below are training opportunities for leaders, parents, committee members. Items marked with an asterisk are required for leaders to be fully trained.

Cub Scout Training

  • Youth Protection Training (must be completed every two years) - online
  • This is Scouting - online
  • Cub Scout Fast Start (Tiger Den, Cub Scout, Webelo, Cub Master, Pack Committee) - online
  • Cub Scout Leader Specific Training ( Cub Master; Cub Scout; Tiger Cub; Webelo Den; Pack Committee Position) - online
  • BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) - Scheduled annually by GSTC