Uniform Information

Uniform Guidelines

Each scout is expected to buy and wear a "Class A" scout uniform. This includes the blue (tiger, wolf, bear) or tan (webelo) button-down shirt (with patches), neckerchief, slide and hat.

A red bragging vest is optional. They can be purchased at the scout store, or making them can be a Den activity.

The Pack currently provides each Cub with one Pack T-shirt (“Class B” uniform).

For Den and Pack meetings, your cub scout should wear his Class A uniform. For more casual or messy Cub Scout activities (painting projects, sleepovers, hikes, etc.) the Pack T-shirt (“Class B” uniform) can be worn. Your leader(s) will provide direction when the Class B uniform is acceptable.

Uniforms and Scout Supplies

You can get uniforms and badges at the Ann Arbor Scout Shop (temporary Scout Shop and Service Center located at 1665 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor Michigan 48105) Phone number is 734-9571-7100, or Nankin Hobbies at the corner of 9 Mile and Farmington Road (248) 919-0040. Online, these items are available at scoutstuff.org.

See the Michigan Crossroads Council Uniform Guide for details on proper placement of patches.

Pack 345 Scout to Scout Store and Uniform Donation

To help offset the cost of uniforms, we have a uniform donation process. Any scout can donate neckerchiefs, hats, slides and other items they have outgrown. In exchange, they may select a uniform item from the store, or a prize from the prize box. Please bring outgrown scout items to any Pack Meeting. Items can also be purchased.